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TOGAF® 9.1 Foundation & Certified

TOGAF® 9.1 Foundation & Certified (Level 1 & 2)

Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan | 25 – 29 September 2017 | Rp 17.000.000



Course Overview TOGAF

The Open Group TOGAF® 9.1 is the global industry standard Enterprise Architecture framework utilized by the world’s leading organizations to improve efficiency. TOGAF® is the most widely-recognized certification in the Enterprise Architecture sphere, a distinct credential that makes a difference on any CV. Consider the following:

  • According to Certification Magazine, TOGAF-certified architects earn 22% more than non-certified ones.
  • According to LinkedIn research, 26% of Enterprise Architects are TOGAF-certified.
  • According to The Open Group, 50 thousand professionals today are TOGAF-certified.

This course furnishes the participants with a variety of tools, building blocks and resources that facilitate the design and process of Enterprise Architecture across four domains: Business, Data, Application and Technology. It offers the means of uniting different methodologies in business planning, Enterprise Architecture and project management under one common framework.

Who Should Enrol?

This Master Class is perfect for those who are not concerned with attaining certification and are more interested in learning the concepts and application of TOGAF® 9.1 which would allow them to work more effectively with architects. Recommended for:

  • All Enterprise Architects (Business, Information, Infrastructure, Software, Solution)
  • IT Governance team members
  • Middle to senior management including CTO, Directors, VPs, Head of IT, CIO, board members, and more.

TOGAF Part 1 and Part 2 Examination

The exam is in two parts, foundation and certified. Its last a total of 150 minutes

Part 1

  • Closed Book
  • 60 Minutes
  • Pass mark is 55%

Part 2

  • Open Book
  • 90 Minutes
  • Pass Mark is 60%

Training Benefits TOGAF

  • To understand and apply TOGAF® Architecture Development Method (ADM) phases in the development of an Enterprise Architecture journey.
  • To understand the importance of the role of IT Architecture Governance in the context of an Enterprise Architecture, and how that can help in tracking business metrics.
  • To understand the Architecture Building Block (ABB) and how the Solution Building Block (SBB) can be implemented and mapped according to the ABB.
  • To analyse the IT stakeholders and how to apply the appropriate Stakeholder Management Technique to ensure in getting the buy-in and support.
  • To apply TOGAF® Technical Reference Model and customize it to meet an organisation’s needs.
  • To adapt and incorporate IT Security and Cloud/SOA into the TOGAF® framework.
  • To understand how to fit the technology/platform solutions into the TOGAF® framework.

TOGAF Foundation (level 1&2)

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Management Overview
  3. The TOGAF® 9 Components
  4. An Introduction to the Architecture Development Method (ADM)
  5. The Enterprise Continuum
  6. The Architecture Repository
  7. The Architecture Content Framework
  8. The Architecture Content Metamodel
  9. The Preliminary Phase
  10. Architecture Governance
  11. Business Scenarios
  12. Stakeholder Management
  13. Architecture Views & Viewpoints
  14. Building Blocks and the ADM
  15. Architecture Implementation Support Techniques
  16. Phase A: Architecture Vision
  17. Phase B: Business Architecture
  18. Phase C: Information Systems Architecture
  19. Phase C: Data Architecture
  20. The Integrated Infrastructure Reference Model
  21. Phase C: Applications Architecture
  22. Foundation Architecture
  23. Phase D: Technology Architecture
  24. Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions
  25. Phase F: Migration Planning
  26. Phase G: Implementations Management
  27. Phase H: Architecture Change Management
  28. ADM Requirements Management
  29. Architecture Partitioning
  30. Guidelines for Adapting the ADM – Iteration, Security, SOA
  31. Architecture Maturity Models
  32. Architecture Skills Framework


Exam Preparation Course Fee: Rp 17.000.000


  • TOGAF® version 9.1 level 1 & 2 Courseware
  • TOGAF® version 9.1 level 1& 2 Combine Exam
  • TOGAF® version 9.1 Certification (If pass the exam)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lunch and Coffee Break
  • Souvenir


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