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Bearing Technology And Lubricant

Bearing Technology And Lubricant

Hotel Merapi Merbabu, Yogyakarta | 25 – 27 Oktober 2017 | Rp. 10.000.000
Hotel Merapi Merbabu, Yogyakarta | 22 – 24 November 2017 | Rp. 10.000.000
Hotel Merapi Merbabu, Yogyakarta | 19 – 21 Desember 2017 | Rp. 10.000.000



TRAINING ABSTRACT Bearing Technology And Lubricant

This training covers real-world bearing lubrication in a dynamic, skills-based learning approach. Upon training completion, participans will have learned the skills needed to choose, apply and maintain lubricants in bearing applications plant wide,provide the participants with theory and practical aspects of bearing technology and lubrication for industrial applications. The training will discuss rolling element bearing, hydrodynamic and hydrostatic bearing technology, including the selection of bearing type and size, applications, mounting and dismounting, maintenance, and bearing failures
Upon completion this training, participant will be able to evaluate and select appropriate lubricants for a wide variety of rolling element bearing applications. For greased applications, this includes choosing an appropriate grease base, stiffness, base oil and additives, if needed, for proper operation.The participant will also be able to compute grease intervals and re lubrication amounts for a variety of application conditions, such as contamination, high or low temperatures and vibration.For oil lubricated applications, the participant will be able to choose the correct oil viscosity, delivery method (standing oil, circulating oil, air/oil, oil mist) and oil change out intervals. The participant will be to evaluate filter effectiveness, and to select and apply appropriate filter.  The participant will be able to troubleshoot common lubrication problems and recommend corrective actions


COURSE CONTENTS Bearing Technology And Lubricant

1. Lubrication fundamentals

  • Functions of lubrication
  • Basic expressions
  • Lubricant additives and their effects
  • Avoiding surface damage in bearings

2. Grease lubrication

  • Grease functions and properties
  • Grease delivery and metering systems
  • Selection of grease type: choosing the right grade, base, and oil for you application

3. Oil lubrication

  • Choosing the right lubricant: oil and grease quality standards and testing
  • Effects of cleanliness and contamination
  • Using bearings new life theory to predict effects of contamination
  • Effects of water ingress
  • Effective use of filtration, choosing the right filter
  • Change out intervals
  • Bearing housing design concepts
  • Comparison of oil delivery methods: static, wick-feed, lifting rings,  circulating oil, mist, air-oil, oil spot
  • Determining oil flow rates

4. Applying lubricants

  • Determining lubrication quantities and intervals
  • Hands-on lubrication and lubrication procedures for pillow blocks, ball bearings, roller bearings, sealed and shielded bearings
  • Electric Motor lubrication

5. Common error

Over greasing, under greasing, mixing greases



COURSE PARTICIPANT Bearing Technology And Lubricant

Mechanical engineers, maintenance engineers and supervisors, service engineers and supervisors, work over engineers and supervisors, maintenance technicians, etc.



TRAINING METHOD Bearing Technology And Lubricant

Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Evaluation

TRAINING INSTRUCTOR Bearing Technology And Lubricant

Sulaiman Tampubolon, ST


  • Hotel Merapi Merbabu Yogyakarta
  • 25-27 Okt, 22-24 Nov, 19-21 Des 2017
  • Pukul : 08.00 – 16.00 WIB

TRAINING FEE Bearing Technology And Lubricant

Biaya Rp. 10.000.000 per peserta (Non Residential)


Training Modules, Training Kit, Certificate, Exclusive Souvenir, Dinner & City Tour, Coffee Break & Lunch


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