Recruitment and Selection


Kami merancang training ini untuk memberi peserta kemampuan untuk melakukan recruitment dan selection yang efektif

Hotel Lumire, Jakarta | 02 Р03 April 2020  | Rp 3.900.000,-
Hotel Lumire, Jakarta | 12 – 13 November 2020 | Rp 3.900.000,-


Objectives How to Conduct Effective Recruitment and Selection

The high cost of making wrong selection decision makes this an important course for managers and personnel professionals. No organization can afford to enter the selection process without trained staff who is aware of the necessary Competency, Cultural and Motivational fit to make a successful selection decision.

We design this workshop to provide participants with the ability to conduct effective recruitment and selection.

Effective Recruitment and Selection course is basically used for selection interview; however, it can also be used for other purposes such as promotion, development or to assess individual skills and knowledge.

Other Benefits Training Effective Recruitment and Selection

  • You will be provided with a framework of:
  • Competencies
  • Motive
  • Culture to successfully interview candidates
  • Gain an insight into how to determine suitable competencies for the job
  • Sharpen your ability to be more focus on information gathering by setting-up questionnaires, cases and other candidates information gathering tools
  • Able to use the concept for other interview
  • Able to analyze and make recommendation, deliver a structure, concise and easy to understand report.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers, supervisors or every body who wants to improve his/her ability to interview.


  • Two days – 16 hours.

How to Conduct Effective Recruitment and Selection Agenda

  1. Introduction / Background
    • Workshop Objectives
    • Participants Expectation.
  2. Interview Final Report Format
  3. Competency
    • What and why it is important
    • Designing cases, questions and other information gathering tools
    • Practical exercise.
  4. Cultural Fit
    • What and why it is important
    • Designing questions
    • Practical exercise.
  5. Motivational Fit
    • What and why it is important
    • Designing questions
    • Practical exercise.
  6. Conducting Interview (Practical Exercise)
  7. Interview Result Analysis
  8. Report Writing (Practical Exercise)
  9. Closing (Summary and Conclusion).


How to Conduct Effective Recruitment and Selection

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